Yuko Kamogawa


Yuko Kamogawa has over 14 years of experience Customer Service experience in Hospitality, Travel, Logistics, Manufacturing and the Business Process Outsourcing industries. She is currently the Operations Manager at Globee GBS in Malaysia as well as GBJ Services in Japan, and is responsible for managing day to day operations for the native Japanese program. Prior to her current role, Yuko was the Assistant Manager for Talent Acquisition at Globee GBS where she was responsible for hiring native Japanese speakers and onboarding them as they transitioned to Malaysia.

社会人になる前の2003年から2015年までは、語学力と人間力を身につけるため、また、新しい文化を探求するために必要な学業経験を積みました。日本の東京にある外国語専門学校を卒業し、ホテル・マネジメントの資格を取得。また、カナダのモントリオールにあるCulture and Language Connectionsスクールでフランス語と英語を学びました。


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