Yuichiro Ura

Director of Operations, GBJ Services

Yuichiro Ura is the Director of Operations and his primary objectives are to oversee GBJ Services and develop leading growth targets and manage recruitment for the Work-at-Home program.

Prior to his current role, Yuichiro built his career advancement from TWG Warranty Services Inc, KDDI Evolva, TeleDirect (TDCX) Japan and Nikko Securities. He started developing his career in 1987 for Nikko Securities Ltd. as part of the Corporate Finance Division, offering stocks, bonds, and other investment products and various financing proposals to raise financial capital for 15 public and 20 unlisted companies.

Known to work in a demanding situation, he had managed and restructured the overall organization when it was in a state of deterioration. His leadership expertise has led the company to recover and regain significant sales revenue while maintaining stable growth and handled high-level negotiations for Japanese and foreign clients and partners.

Outside of work, Yuichiro enjoys spending his weekends playing golf with friends and cruising down the coastline.