Artificial Intelligence

A modern, competitive CX strategy must augment uniquely human emotional intelligence and creativity with the efficiency and scalability of artificial intelligence. Using proprietary conversational AI, GBJ is able to contain and automate critical customer support workflows, while maintaining the customer experience – in several languages.

Business and Agent Intelligence

GBJ’s Business and Agent Intelligence provides real time reporting on omnichannel customer interactions and their impact on business performance. Additionally, agents get access to our advanced performance management and coaching platform, which provides data-driven analysis of coaching effectiveness – enabling frontline supervisors, coaches and agents to manage and improve the metrics that matter most to them.
Experience Intelligence
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Experience Intelligence
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA delivers immediate ROI. Our RPA software works with existing applications to replace repetitive tasks with streamlined process automation that elevates the capabilities of our agents, increases efficiencies, reduces errors, and accelerates project turn-around time. Ultimately, RPA enables our people to do what they do best – deliver amazing multilingual customer experiences.

Work-at-Home Infrastructure

Work with a partner who has a proven track record of home-based agent program success. GBJ’s fully managed Desktop-as-a Service and multi-layered security solutions have enabled agents to work remotely without ever jeopardizing the integrity of the enterprise network or brand.

Best-in-class CX partnerships

GBJ Services has deep domain knowledge and close partnerships with the
world’s top customer experience management platforms and network solutions
built for companies in all stages of their CX transformation.

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